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12-Watt Radar-Motion Activated Warm White Integrated LED Wall or Ceiling Surface Mount Flood Light

12-Watt Radar-Motion Activated Warm White Integrated LED Wall or Ceiling Surface Mount Flood Light

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EE112WMC(WW), eSenLite Green Energy LED light offers outstanding quality and reliability. It is built with advanced Doppler sensor technology and engineered SMART energy saving features. This is a unique AC Powered LED Sensing Light with SMART operating capability and white LED color. It has a stylish lightweight design and is easy to set up for use and install. It features high energy efficiency and can be installed in many different locations and the illumination output can be adjusted to meet all your lighting needs. It is very responsive and always lights-up when motion detected. This light is designed for a long operating life cycle to provide long term trouble free service using SMART Green Energy, environmentally friendly LEDs. The SMART Power Saving Mode provides significantly reduced energy consumption. This light is especially designed as a retrofit replacement light for replacing outdated AC lighting fixtures and for new installations as energy saving illumination. It has affordable price and offers a wide range of uses for residential, commercial and industrial outdoor and indoor lighting applications. This light can be ceiling or wall mounted. It produces a maximum brightness of 950 Lumens (equivalent of a 100-Watt bulb).

Light is designed to be fully functional for most outdoor and indoor conditions, operating temp, range is: 4oF to 125oF; the weatherproof rating is IP65
Doppler/microwave sensor can detect motion through most non-metallic blocking obstacles (walls, curtains, glass/windows), and when movement is detected the light comes on without any delay even before entering into the space that is being illuminated
Doppler sensing technology provides outstanding motion sensing performance and unlike standard PIR motion detection it is effective in sensing changes at ambient temperature
Smart sensing profile can be set for on-off, delay or adjustable dimming level saving modes
Sensor does not detect any motion in the covered area after the pre-set delay time then it can be set to either completely turn off or gradually dim lighting to the pre-set illumination level by 20% of full brightness
Standard lighting it can be used as new AC lighting or to replace existing outdated light fixtures or lamps as a standard on-off switch controlled light and also as AC powered dusk to dawn lighting applications that provide continuous illumination
Dusk to dawn - can provide all night long safety/security lighting, it has a built-in adjustable ambient light photo sensor that automatically turns the light on to a pre-set lighting level when it senses changes in ambient lighting
When operating at the pre-set dusk to dawn lighting level if motion is detected then the motion sensor/switcher & timer will activate the light to full brightness
eSenLite brand green energy smart lights are highly reliable and user friendly, they are affordable and offer unlimited practical uses for residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, indoor and outdoor applications
Light has 60 SMT LEDs and the light dome cover is made of reinforced molded plastic
AC power source requirements can be from: 110-130V/AC, 50/60Hz
Load: 12-Watt, detection range/sensitivity: 6-26 ft. /2-8 m x 360¡ã Dia at 6-10 ft. H, doppler sensor FREQ: 5.8GHz, delay time range setting: 10 sec to 12-minutes ambient light level setting: 50-2000 lux (dusk to dawn illumination) RF sensing power: 0.3mW
eSenLite brand smart lights are designed, developed, engineered and QC'd in the USA and our California corporate office provides customer care and technical support
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