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400-Watt High Power Inverter

400-Watt High Power Inverter

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Ideal for tailgating, camping and mobile work sites, the Duracell 400-Watt Inverter supplies plenty of household power for your everyday needs. Supplying up to 400-Watt of peak power and 320-Watt of continuous output, the inverter converts vehicle DC power into household AC and USB power using a modified sine wave. This inverter features two 3-prong AC outlets and one 2.1 Amp USB port, allowing you to run and recharge up to 3-electronics at once. It is capable of powering a wide range of 115-Volt AC electronic devices such as TVs, video games, laptops and small handheld tools. 23 ft. Plug-and-Play power cables attach securely and quickly to the inverter's threaded terminals. For devices up to 175-Watt, the inverter can plug directly into your car's DC power port through the cigarette lighter power plug. For higher-demand applications, such as CPAP machines, switch to the battery clamps to draw directly from your car's battery. Built-in Safe Technology protects the unit from overloading, overheating and short circuiting. When turned on, the LED display will light up to show the operation status. Warning: Reverse input will blow the internal fuse and permanently disable the unit. Make sure that the total power consumption of the connected devices is less than the rating of the inverter. Although the inverter can provide high surge power up to 2-times the rated output power, some appliances may still trigger the inverter's protection system.

400-Watt peak 320-Watt continuous power inverter includes dual 3-prong AC outlets and one 2.1 Amp USB port charge
Quick charge and power your USB mobile devices and accessories easily with the power on/off switch
Capable of powering a wide range of 115-Volt AC electronic devices, such as small appliances, TVs and laptops
Includes: cigarette lighter power plug for items under 175-Watt and battery clamps for appliances over 175-Watt
Built-in Safe technology to prevent overload, overheat and provides short circuit protection

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