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Truck Tire Wheel Dolly

Truck Tire Wheel Dolly

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The ESCO Truck Tire Wheel Dolly (Model 70130) is designed to lift and move around heavy tires and wheels with ease. The use of this product will save service technicians from having to lift heavy truck tires and wheels. Features built in 8 in. wide smooth rollers that allow for accurate positioning of the tire/wheel back onto the hub. Easily rotate the tire 360 degrees in either direction to align studs with the stud holes. The ESCO Truck Tire Wheel Dolly has a 280 lb. weight capacity and works with all truck tire sizes from 19.5 in. up to 24.5 inches.

Provides leverage to easily remove or install tire and wheel assemblies
Tire can be rotated left or right on tiltable?roller pads for perfect stud alignment
Works on tire sizes 18 in. to 24.5 in.
Roller length 8 in.
Lifting capacity 280 lbs.
Width 30 in.
Handle length 30 in.
Meets OHSA standards

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