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88-Ton/55-Ton/28-Ton/17-Ton Premium 4-Stage Air Hydraulic Jack

88-Ton/55-Ton/28-Ton/17-Ton Premium 4-Stage Air Hydraulic Jack

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The ESCO YAK Jack (Model 92010) is a 4 stage low profile air hydraulic jack with a lifting capacity of 88 tons. This professional grade jack is manufactured in Italy with the highest quality components available. ESCO Yak jacks are built with a special venturi valvethat sucks the fluid back out of the cylinder head to lower the jack. This valve never allows compressed air into the cylinder, thus extending the life of the jack by many years. All units have brass air motors which last much longer than traditional aluminum or steel air motors found in most jacks. Additionally, brass air motors will run better over time as brass gets smoother with age. Brass components do not build up grey matter like aluminum motors or rust like traditional steel air motors. Additional features include an enhanced exhaust design that allows potential dirt and debris from the air source to be easily pushed out. The design also allows for easy replacement or cleaning of the exhaust filter. All units have lead free paint as well as high-grade graphite seals and O-rings. All ESCO YAK jacks come with a 3 year warranty and include 3 stackable extensions; 0.5 in., 2.75 in. and 4.75 inch extensions.

Lifting capacity 88 tons (1st stage), 55 tons (2nd stage), 28 ton (3rd stage), 17 ton (4th stage)
Air/hydraulic jack equipped with a dual descent valve for greater control when bearing weight and automatic piston return
Operating air pressure 116 psi to 145 psi, however operation is guaranteed to work with air pressure up to 218 psi
Minimum height 7 in.
Maximum height 26 in.
3 stackable extensions included, 0.5 in, 2.75 in., 4.75 in.
YAK jacks can run off a trucks on board compressor
High grade graphite seals, O-rings and u-cups
Lead free paint on all units
Jack length 39 in.
Maximum height without extensions 18.90 in.

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