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Timaru Turkish Cotton 2-Piece Bath Mats

Timaru Turkish Cotton 2-Piece Bath Mats

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Try our EXTRA soft, absorbent and fluffy product if you would like to improve your bathing experiences. Redecorate your space with our plush, luxurious and eye-catching towel set for a stylish appeal. The clean lines and a silky, smooth feel provides you an excellent comfort plus coziness for everyday use.

Authentic: long-staple Turkish cotton from the aegean region
Machine washable: innovative design and texture that is completely machine washable and gets softer every time you wash it
Generous size and design: elegantly designed in a lavish size and weight with a for greater comfort, absorbency, and usability
Set includes: 2-bath mats of 20 in. x 30 in.
Made in Turkey

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