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Seed and Herb Domed Propagator with 2 Vented Side Height Extensions and Security Clip Set

Seed and Herb Domed Propagator with 2 Vented Side Height Extensions and Security Clip Set

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The EarlyGrow system's usefulness to experienced gardeners is further enhanced by the addition of sought after vented height extenders which allow the young plants to mature in a controlled environment during early development. These same extenders offer a great solution for direct sewn seed in outside seed beads early in the growing season providing a Green house effect while protecting the plant from cold mornings and inclement weather as they first emerge. The heavy-duty tray and durable dome will provide years of 3 season use without damage from sun, water, soils, and organic materials. The 95490A set includes a set of 8 easy to attach plastic clips to connect the lid and base together, making for a more stable structure. This keeps the kit more secure as you remove the lid and sides from the tray. The whole set is an ideal way to cultivate herbs in the kitchen window providing fresh herbs for cooking.

Includes 2 four panel height extensions featuring additional side vents which can be opened or closed as necessary to help maintain the humidity sought to maximize plant health and growth
Extension can be disassembled for compact storage when not in use and easily reassembled when needed
Ideal for maintaining humidity and moisture without constant attention by allowing moisture to remain enclosed inside the dome
Features a heavy-duty clear dome which allows light to reach the seed bed and young plants unobstructed to maximize seed propagation and plant growth, these same lids can be used in outdoor seed beds in the early season to protect direct sewn seeds making them ideal for 3 season use both indoor and out
Made of durable heavy-duty pp tray which will provide years of service and transport of the mature plants without fear of the tray failing, buckling, or damage from moisture
Combines the popular EarlyGrow 70738 medium seed and herb propagator with new vented side height extension allows growing of plants to 14.5 in. in height under the clear vented dome
Set includes 8 security clips, which are easy to attach and remove, and provides stability and structure to the package

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