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Redline 360c Radar/Laser Detector

Redline 360c Radar/Laser Detector

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When it comes to radar detectors, Escort didn't raise the bar-they shut it down. The Redline 360c is packed with the latest the technical standard for driver alert systems, has twice the range, and 360¡ã directional awareness. True Stealth Detectors make you unreadable by other systems. Get ready to REDefine the road with Redline.

Extreme range (3x longer than redline EX) with triple antenna design that has dual front and single rear antennas
360¡ã directional awareness and location accuracy for an all-around protective shield
Updatable IVT Filter reduces false alerts for maximum precision
TotalShield True Stealth technology is invisible to all radar detector detectors
Intelligent auto learn GPS-based technology learns your route and intelligently rejects false alerts
Works with Escort live app to share and receive crowd-sourced alerts through Bluetooth connectivity
Wi-Fi and GPS enabled
Clear voice alerts help keep eyes focused on the road
Dual language
Built-in defender database alerts in advance of red light and speed camera locations
Includes premium travel case, smartcord USB charger with auto mute, and EZ mag mount

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