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PVC Toilet Trap

PVC Toilet Trap

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Rather than replacing your entire toilet, consider replacing 1 part for a quick and easy fix. Purchase the R-888TRAP to replace your toilet trap. Your toilet should work like new.

This trap is compatible with the following brands and models: EAGO: TB222, TB309, TB340, TB133, TB346, TB359, whitehaus: WHMFL3222-EB, WHMFL3309-EB, fresca: FTL2309, FTL2133, FTL2346, ariel: TB222M, TB309-1M, TB133M, TB346M
Includes PVC toilet trap and top rubber gasket only
Fits any standard floor flange
Consult with a plumber before replacing any parts if you are not familiar with plumbing requirements
Toilet part only, toilet sold separately
Toilet traps are a necessary component for all toilets, this trap replaces your original trap in case of damage

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