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Manual Bead Breaker

Manual Bead Breaker

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The ESCO Manual Tire Bead Breaker (Model 70160) is a handheld universal tire bead breaker for any single piece wheel up to 24 inches. Works great on automotive, truck, bus, farm tractor, RV, ATV, golf cart and lawn mower tires. Breaks the tire bead from the rim using force applied by either an air ratchet wrench or manual wrench only. Newly improved bead hook, reinforced with steel brackets to create better leverage and support on the rim.

4.25 in. stroke
Breaks and loosens tire bead from rim with leverage
Reinforced with heavy-duty steel welded support brackets
Safe, simple and easy to use
Great for mobile tire service
Suitable for small ATV tires and up
Will handle 38 in. and 42 in. 14-ply farm tractor and backhoe tires with drop center rims
Do not use air impact gun, operates with air ratchet wrench or manual wrench only

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