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5 in. Universal Dust Shroud Pro Power Tool Accessory for Angle Grinders

5 in. Universal Dust Shroud Pro Power Tool Accessory for Angle Grinders

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The Dust Shroud Pro is the pros choice for dust control when using a hand grinder. It fits most grinders and captures up to 99% of airborne particles for outstanding dust control. It preserves air quality, protects workers from harmful silica dust, Hexavalent Chromium and silicosis with the industry's best dustless grinding system. The Dust Shroud Pro installs fast and easy. The height is adjustable to accommodate different grinding wheels. Simply loosen/tighten 3 Spring-mounted screws. You'll like how the brush skirt promotes a smooth gliding motion for better control when grinding uneven or textured surfaces. The front lip snaps on/off with ease so you can grind up against a wall. Dust cleanup costs time and money and is a safety hazard. Enhance worker safety with Dust Shroud Pro point-of-origin dust control systems for hand grinders.

Captures 99% of airborne dust
Front edge of shroud is removable to enable grinding close to a wall or edge
Brush skirt improves performance on textured surfaces
Saves time and money by reducing/eliminating dust cleanup
5 in. kit fits 4 in. and 5 in. hand grinders
Box: polycarbonate shroud, 3 height adjustment spacers, 1 releasable zip tie

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