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21 in. Portable Induction Cooktop in Black with 2 elements

21 in. Portable Induction Cooktop in Black with 2 elements

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Induction cooking is a fast, safe and precise cooking technology that uses a magnetic field below the glass cooktop to transfer current directly to the cookware. It allows speed in cooking with precise temperature control to turn heat up or down instantly. You can cook faster, e.g you can boil 6 cups of water in 2 minutes. It uses special cookware which will only get hot if it is magnetic and if food/liquid is in the pan, making it safe to use and reducing accidents. It uses clean electricity with no release of toxins as with gas, and has an energy transfer of 84% (vs. 74% with other technologies). The powerful, portable cooktop makes it easy to use indoors and move the lightweight unit outdoors at a moment's notice giving flexibility to your lifestyle.

DUAL BURNERS - The Cooktop has Dual Burners with Independent Operating Controls and Digital LED Display for each burner.
TOUCH CONTROLS -The touch controls give an attractive smooth look to the cooktop with no damage caused by spillage
6 HEAT LEVELS- Press + or - to select the heat level ranging from 1 to 6 that is displayed on screen
ENERGY EFFICIENT - This 110V Induction cooktop cooks food by using electromagnets so no heat is lost between the cooking surface & the pot. It also heats food quickly making it highly energy-efficient. Induction stoves are more efficient than gas or electric coils. Energy transfer is around 84% compared to 74% with other technologies.
EASY TO CLEAN- The elegant ceramic glass surface makes it easy to clean the smooth cooking area
PORTABLE - This Cooktop comes with a elegant lightweight brushed stainless handle for easy portability. Lightweight & compact, great for home / outdoor cooking & its easy to clean. Perfect for small spaces and RV's
AUTO SHUT OFF- A safety feature shuts off the cooktop automatically if there is no cooking for 2 hours.
VERSATILE - The cooktop is compatible with iron, enamel-coated steel pots, cast iron pots with enamel coated bases etc with magnetic characteristics at the bottom.
SAFETY - Induction stoves are also the safest cooking technology available. The cooktop only heats magnetic pans and pots and turns off automatically after 10 seconds when it doesn't detect a pan.
TESTING MAGNET INCLUDED- Ensure that the cookware has the inscription that it is suitable for Induction Cooking with a magnetic base. Testing Magnet included.

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