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11 in. Induction Electric Modular Cooktop in Lilac with 1-Burner

11 in. Induction Electric Modular Cooktop in Lilac with 1-Burner

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This is the fastest way to a delicious meal. If you're in the RV, at a picnic, or don't have time to heat up that big stove, this portable, single-burner induction cooktop delivers fast, clean, and precise heat. Easily choose from 6 heat levels with the easy-to-read touch controls so no matter the meal, you can cook it to perfection. Thanks to the magnetic field below the A-grade ceramic glass, the heat transfers directly to your induction-compatible cookware saving you time and energy. And food will never burn and stick to your cooktop, making clean-up a breeze with just a quick wipe. Take this portable and lightweight cooktop wherever you go so a quick, delicious meal is only a few minutes away.

Cooktop comes with an elegant aluminum handle for easy portability
Perfect for smaller kitchens and tight RVs, this cooktop fits where you need it the most
Powerful copper coil sends magnetic energy directly to your cookware
Single burner boils 6 cups of water in 2-minutes
Pots up to 10 in. x 10 in. fit perfectly for cooking
Way more efficient than traditional gas or electric coils
Ceramic glass won't allow food to burn and stick, always making clean up a breeze
Additional safety, energy is only transferred when the cooktop recognizes magnetic pots and pans
All the power of a large range stove, only smaller, faster, and more flexible
Even during use the touch controls remain visible, allowing you to easily switch heating levels
If any issues occur, the cooktop will automatically shutdown
Never break a sweat transporting this cooktop thanks to the durable, aluminum handle
Available in 5 colors- for a classy addition to any space, choose from black, blue, copper, lilac, or silver
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