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36 in. Hickory Handle Felling Axe

36 in. Hickory Handle Felling Axe

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The ECHO 36 in. Felling Axe is designed for root cutting, large limb and tree removal. Made of high quality hickory, the handle has a fawn foot design for ergonomic comfort. The axe head features a high carbon steel blade that delivers superior strength and performance while an oil-rubbed finish to eliminate oxidation. A sharpened, tapered cutting blade edge gives deeper cuts and reduced binding provides a more effortless cut.

For questions about service and repair, please call Echo at 1-800-432-ECHO or reference the Service & Repair document
Best suited for root cutting, large limb and tree removal
Handle length: 36 in.
Head weight: 3.5 lbs.
Axe head is hydraulically seated onto handle and secured with a traditional double wedge system
Tapered cutting edge delivers easier cuts and reduced binding
Meets and exceeds ANSI tempering standards
Limited lifetime warranty

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