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4 in. Dia Aluminum x 8 Increaser

4 in. Dia Aluminum x 8 Increaser

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Use to increase vent diameter. Use with natural gas or liquid propane category I and draft hood equipped appliances, and appliances tested and listed to use Type B Gas Vent. Applications include: natural gas fireplaces, gas-fired furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and wall or space heating applications.

Type B gas vent designed to the demands of the common category I appliance installation
Use with natural gas and liquified propane (LP) category I appliances with a draft hood
Engineered to heat up rapidly and remain hot during the appliance operation to allow for minimal condensation
1 in. clearance to combustibles in single and multi-family dwellings
Limited lifetime warranty
1 in. clearance to combustibles in a single or multi-family dwelling applications

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