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16 in. Chainsaw Guide Bar

16 in. Chainsaw Guide Bar

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An 16 in. professional, light, slim, laminated bar ideal for homeowners and professionals using small to medium chainsaws who want value and durability. The bar has a slim symmetrical design and is lightweight offering easier maneuverability in small spaces along with easier chain adjustment. The narrow kerf bar requires less power and thanks to an oil retaining feature, the bar and chain stay lubricated throughout use of the equipment.

For questions about service and repair, please call Echo at 1-800-432-ECHO or reference the Service & Repair document
16 in. laminated bar with .050 in. gauge and .325 in. pitch
Mount application: A0216
Compatible with current ECHO chainsaw models: CS-501P and older models: CS-450P/CS-500P/CS-550P
Compatible with ECHO chain #: 20LPX66CQ

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