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4 ft. High Output 5200 Lumens Integrated LED Dimmable White Wraparound Light 4000K Bright White 120-277V (4-Pack)

4 ft. High Output 5200 Lumens Integrated LED Dimmable White Wraparound Light 4000K Bright White 120-277V (4-Pack)

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ETi 4ft. High Output LED Wraparound Light is designed to replace outdated fluorescent light with an energy-efficient LED fixture. This wrap light offers a low profile compact structure ideally suited for low clearance ceilings. It provides crystal-clear illumination with no yellowing, discoloration or dark spots over time. Installation is a breeze using integrated slip tabs for effortless lens removal and multiple keyholes and knockouts to establish wire connections. For a larger lighting layout, each end cap has a knockout hole for continuous row mounting ability. This wrap light is long-lasting for maintenance free service for up to 50,000 hours. Great for residential and commercial applications such as offices, hallways and corridors, garages, storage rooms, workshops, laundry rooms, reception and lobby areas, schools, government buildings and more.

High output 5200 Lumens of brightness using 57-Watts of electricity
4000K Bright White color temperature of light output
0-10 Volt DIMMER SWITCH ONLY - Requires separate low-voltage wiring run
Multi-volt 120-277 Volts
Replaces (3) 32-Watt outdated T8 fluorescent
Durable acrylic diffuser/lens
SEPARATING DIFFUSER FROM HOUSING: 1. Press down gently on one end of the diffuser until you meet with resistance from the bottom of the end cap of the housing. 2. Slide the diffuser toward the end being pressed down. 3. Lift the diffuser from the other end, removing it from the housing.
** Before completing installation process, make sure lens is completely secure into the fixture
(5) 7/8Knockouts for continuous row mounting option
Suitable for damp locations
Instant on activation - Perfect for sub-zero applications down to -4¡ãF
Maintenance free with no bulbs to replace
Lasts up to 50,000 hours
5 year warranty

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