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1.57 cu. ft. 110-Volt Smart and Compact All-in-One Washer and Dryer Combo Version 2 Pro in Black

1.57 cu. ft. 110-Volt Smart and Compact All-in-One Washer and Dryer Combo Version 2 Pro in Black

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Equator's groundbreaking eco-friendly products have been featured in media including Popular Mechanics, the Wall Street Journal and Oprah. Now in its 29th year, Equator remains committed to creating ingenious products that solve real problems in its customers' lives. The EZ 4400 N comes packed with features such as Winterize for RV Usage, Quiet Feature (Less than 60 db). It also features a redesigned easy to operate control panel with a simple 2-Step operation. At just 33.5-inches high x 23.5-inches wide x 22-inches deep, this Super Combo has a large 13 lb. load capacity and boasts energy- and time-saving features that have earned numerous design and industry awards. Along with a one- button, convertible venting/condensing drying system, it boasts the features of full size washers and dryers-merged into a single unit design.

8 Wash cycles - Prewash + Heavy, Heavy, Standard, Quick 20, Baby, Delicates, Wool, Quiet.
Quiet Function - Operate machine in Quiet Mode less than 60 dB. Perfect for babies, night time, sleeping in different shifts, campgrounds.
Winterize (For RV users) - Quick 2 minute easy to operate cycle located on knob. Pour anti freeze in drum. Press start.
Convertible Vented / Ventless - Convert drying mode from Venting to Ventless or vice-versa with the press of a button. ( Vented is 30% Faster drying due to better air flow, compared to ventless machines ).
Dual Fans for venting - Patented dual fan system, only one in the world, one fan for blowing air in the drum, second fan for pulling air out of the drum, to increase air flow and reduce dry time.
Automatic wrinkle guard in dry cycle - After dry cycle ends, drum turns ? cycle every 5 minutes rotating clothes so wrinkles do not set in.
Refresh - Refresh clothes with a 12 minute hot dry cycle, to ease folding.
Automatic heat level - Automatically sets the dryer heat level based on the type of wash setting.
Color Coded LED - 14 functions on knob are easily operated with color coded LED lamps, Blue = Wash, Red = Dry, Orange = Options.
Electronic control panel with Color coded LED display - Smart phone inspires 3 color LCD display, lights up operations in the control panel with easy to read symbols.
Remaining time clock - Adds wash and dry time together and displays remaining time for completion.
Energy Consumption - $7 Estimated yearly energy cost when used with a natural gas heater ($10.30 with an electric water heater).
Sensor Dry - Senses when your clothes are dry preventing wrinkles and wastage of electricity.
Auto display off after 5 min - LCD display goes off after 5 minutes, showing only the remaining time of the cycle on the screen.
Inlet Hoses Metal Connectors - Strong metal connectors on inlet hoses prevent breakage of hoses that can result in flooding.
Easy to install 2 shipping rods - Drum is kept safe during transportation by two shipping rods that are easy to pull out at the time of installation.
Built-In Diagnostics - Multiple sensors inside machine track all operations and identify faults by showing 12 error codes which help to diagnose a component malfunction.

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