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3 Compatible Refrigerator Water Filters Fits GE MWF (Value Pack)

3 Compatible Refrigerator Water Filters Fits GE MWF (Value Pack)

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Bluefall FridgePod filters feature the Drinkpod +3 Advanced Purification process, manufactured to be lead free, with natural coconut-based cores, and BPA-free housings. Certified and IAPMO tested, +3 Advanced Purification process has been optimized for your GE, Kenmore, or HotPoint refrigerator improving your drinking water in 3 specific ways. Particle Scrub: Through the use of mechanical reduction, this scrub utilizes the filter core's compressed micropore structure to trap particles. Reducing contaminants and sediments down to 2~5-Microns. Chemical Scrub: Chemical reduction process that uses the filter core's oleophilic surface to attract and absorb organic compounds and non-polar contaminants. Reducing common disinfection byproducts (THMs), organic contaminants like chlorinated solvents, pesticides, and industrial pollutants. Polishing Scrub: Utilizes pressure to force-diffuse your water across the filter's micropore surface area to consistently expose and reduce dangerous contaminants. A single filter core's surface area can exceed 1/2 million sq. ft. Improving the safety of your drinking water while reducing undesirable taste, odor, and color. COMPATIBILITY: MWF, MWFA, GWF, GWF01, GWFA, GWF06, 9991, 46-9991, 469991, IcePure RWF 0600A, Best MWF, Pureza PF8, Tier1 RWF1060, ClearWater Filters CWMF031, EcoBlueLife EBL7771, Pure Line PL-100, Blue Signature GES MWF, WaterSentinel WSG-1, SunnyShine SSF5110, Waterdrop MWF.

Up to 500,000 sq. ft. that's the combined surface area of just one FridgePod filter core; our cores are comprised of millions of natural coconut-based R-1 activated carbons that have been compression molded into a matrix with a binder; each carbon can have a surface area 30x the size of their radius
How do you triple scrub water, millions of micropores; the particle scrub physically traps particles like cysts, the polishing scrub ADSORBS aesthetic contaminants, and the chemical scrub attracts chemicals and organics via sustained exposure to the oleophilic surface
Guaranteed fit; every FridgePod filter's compatibility and fit have been verified through manufacturer testing and are guaranteed to fit
Pay for the quality, not the logo, with Bluefall, quality and the 'logo tax' are not mutually exclusive; our filters are manufactured in ISO factories, with premium features like BPA-free housing, with natural coconut shell based carbon, and non-sodium resin

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