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CH 15 Amp GF Breaker

CH 15 Amp GF Breaker

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Eaton's CH ground fault current interrupters (GFCIs) are 3/4 in. W and provide superior safety over a standard electrical outlet in areas where electricity may come into contact with water. GFCIs are required in any application near water such as kitchen countertops, bathrooms, swimming pools, hot tubs, and outdoor receptacles. They immediately break the circuit when electrical current leakage is detected, reducing the risk of shock and electrocution. This circuit breaker periodically runs a self-test diagnostic and complies UL 943, Fourth Edition.

Amperage-15 Amp
Self-test GFCI with trip flag
For use in type CH load centers
Interrupt rating-10 kaic
Voltage rating is 120-Volt/240-Volt
Trip indication via mechanical flag
Flag visually confirms Tripped status, making it easy for the homeowner to identify
5 mA ground fault protection
Periodic self-test diagnostic ensures ground fault detection and protection is functional

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