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BR 200 Amp 20 Space 40 Circuit Outdoor Main Breaker Loadcenter with Cover

BR 200 Amp 20 Space 40 Circuit Outdoor Main Breaker Loadcenter with Cover

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Specially designed for easy installation, Eaton's BR load centers house the branch circuit breakers and the wiring required to distribute power to individual circuits. The panels serve as main breaker for service entrances. The main breaker protects the main entire panel and can be used as a service disconnect. The branch breakers protect the wires leading to individual electrical loads such as fixtures and outlets. The BR2040B200R is an outdoor 200 Amp main breaker with 20 spaces and 40 circuits.

Amperage rating: 200
Bus material: aluminum
Rated NEMA 3R for outdoor use
Feed type: bottom or top which allows for straight-in wiring that saves labor and material
Interrupt rating: 25 kAIC
Mounting: combination
Number of circuits: 40
Number of spaces: 20
Phase: single-phase
Tangential center knockout easier installation for conduit applications
2/0 lug easily removable and can be installed in any location on the neutral bar
Neutral bus (strap) is easily removable for sub-panel applications
Bonding Z-strap provides easy field conversion for service entrance applications
Twin neutral bars minimum 150% neutral capacity
Steel back pan provides solid and reliable breaker mounting-single piece design for stability and durability
Single keyhole mounting - 1 keyhole at the top and bottom provides easier mounting and leveling
Used with: type BR breakers

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